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Titre graphique
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I have multiple roots, as life's breeding ground is rich and unlimited
I searched, and still do, in all directions.
Not for competencies, they would clutter me up

I search for enlightment, viewpoints,
like a photographer revolving around their subject.

My subject is the soul is this inner breath that conveys our inner wealth and transcends us.

My subject is the body, journey vessel of our soul,
forge where our emotions and aspirations are being alchemized.

My subject is life, joy, gratitude, wonder
it also is death, loss, pain, anguish, despair, letting go.
Psychologist, authorized by the Commission des Psychologues under n° 582212589
Full member of Société Belge de Psychologie Analytique [jungian analysts]
Full member of Association Belge pour l'Intervention et la Psychothérapie Familiale Systémique
Full member of the Association des Praticiens Francophones de la Somatic Experiencing
Certified executive coach accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, full member of EMCC Belgium
Clinical experience in psychiatry Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca
Formely management consultant
Formely corporate lawyer, member of the bar

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