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Together we move forward toward the center that is calling you...

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed
CG JUNG, Psychology of transfert (1945)
You come...
You come and bring along your dreams, emotions, sensations...
You are mindful of signs from your creative unconscious
You come at your own pace and frequency, but with regularity
Even and all the more when no time, no need, no desire

You come and settle in the way that makes you feel good
Sitting, lying on the table, or moving...
You come and listen to
Yourself, your needs, your discomforts and areas of peace, your silences

Vous venez, et vous partagez ce qui vous vient, ce qui vous va
En mots, en silences, en dessins, en mouvements

I listen to the resonance...
What resonates in you
Your emotions, contradictions, ambivalences, forces
What resonates in me
My images, emotions, sensations, hypotheses, interrogations.

I reflect what I perceive, I share with you my resonances
I know nothing. Only you knows...

The alchemy of the relationship
Beyond words, emotions, resonances...
Beyond presence, listening, empathy...
Our unconscious communicate
We work soul to soul
Short of a therapeutical relationship, no healing can take place
Without your commitment, I cannot do anything for you

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