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He needed someone else's help, and my task as a therapist was
to establish overtime a relationship based on trust, not to prove a clinical theory.

Translated from : C.G. JUNG, Essai d'exploration de l'inconscient. Folio/Essais (1992), p.112.
The success of a coaching or therapeutic session does not depend on the application of a theory or method, but on building step by step a trusting relationship, that allows you to express yourself freely and to discover your unsuspected resources and inner personality.

Mastering a theoretical framework is however a pre-requisite for the establishment of this trust. It is at the same time :
  • a road map : which allows me to hypothesise, to connect scattered dots, and yet to keep a total image of the problem in issue. Academic theory is used as a reference point to counter-balance possible moments of doubt or dispersion.

  • a traffic code : which guides me to see the limits of my work and to avoid damaging interventions.
    It is said that the amateur knows what he should do, the professional knows what he should not do.

  • a safety belt : which gives you a sense of security as you ease your brakes, and dare to
    explore different aspects of your personality and new ways of behaving.
Different theoretical approaches may coexist without being mutually exclusive. Each brings its own wealth, its share of the truth.
The challenge is to use them efficiently whilst favouring the most appropriate for you, your needs and your background.

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