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Setting up a frame of trust and security
During our preliminary meeting, I clarify with you the working modalities for a reciprocal commitment: mutually required personal investment, rythm and frequency of meeting, fees, possible switch from coaching to therapy, etc. This website contributes to this clarification.

Restraint in the relation
Outside our working sessions, I hold back from socializing with you and your close ones. The relationship of trust and intimacy that might unfold between us is there for the quality of our work together. It rules out any pervert or sexual character.

Respect for your autonomy
From time to time, you might set me in the position of "the one who knows". It is my responsibility to handle to your benefit such an empowerment and not to misuse it.

Respect for your psychic integrity
It is of the utmost importance that I know myself to the best of my capacity, to prevent our relationship to be contaminated by my personal flaws. Similrly, I need to do my best to grasp your own psychologic structure, so that I do no untimely shake your defences. This double requirement justifies my own ongoing therapeutic work, as well as my continuous and regular training and supervision on a regular basis.

Professional secret
Your identity and the contents of our exchanges remain strictly confidential, but for what is strictly necessary to my relation with a supervisor - himself subject to the same confidentiality. In case of an intervention initiated and financed by a third party having authority on you (employer, parent, etc), the modalities of communication of decisive elements will be clarified from the outset. No communication will ever take place outside your presence or without your knowledge.

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