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My purpose is to help you connect to your breath of life
Trace back the natural slope of your vital energy
Whatever path is yours...
The path of the soul
Hidden behind our fears and failures, lurking under our wounds,
it is the inner voice of our authentic self, the breath of life that
renews us in the depths of our despair.
How can it be heard, recognised, linked up?

The path of the body
Nerve fibres, articulations, muscles, heart, blood, skin, breathing...
Our whole body resonates of the hardships we go through.
It still speaks long after events, souvenirs, emotions have gone silent.

The path of emotions
Welcoming the extreme emotions which are given limited room in our society.
Experiencing them in a safe, flexible, smooth container.
Feeling how they colour our reactions and choices.

The path of thoughts
Identifying beliefs, causal links, repetitions.
Words to get out of silence. Meaning to get out of absurdity.
Coherence to get out of chaos.

Eventually, all paths get you moving forward...

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